Howard Rosenberg the flesh.


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Howard Rosenberg is the Pulitzer Prize-winning former television critic for the Los Angeles Times, where his provocative column was distributed nationally and widely read by decision-makers in the media and entertainment industry for 25 years.

Witty, outspoken, and known for his courageous views, Rosenberg was named the nation’s best TV critic in a survey of his colleagues conducted by Electronic Media and has won numerous awards for his print commentaries.

Rosenberg has been interviewed on many major national news programs from ABC’s “Nightline” to CNN to the BBC. He has been a sports media commentator on ESPN and was the author of the nationally syndicated satirical cartoon strip, Airwaves.

At the University of Southern California, Rosenberg teaches news ethics at the Annenberg School for Communication and critical writing and a TV symposium in the School of Cinematic Arts.

An anthology of Rosenberg’s columns and essays, Not So Prime Time: Chasing the Trivial on American Television, was published by Ivan R. Dee in Chicago. Publisher’s Weekly granted it a coveted starred review, anointing it a “delectable book of crisp, witty, and caustic criticism.” Said Kirkus Reviews: “Rosenberg is the real thing—a serious thoughtful, lucent writer whose low-brow beat appears almost incongruous... No one has mapped TV’s terrain more thoroughly and starkly. And Bill Moyers proclaimed: “Read this and you’ll see why the Pulitzer jurors said Howard is the best.”

Rosenberg's latest non-fiction book,No Time to Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle, details the perils of new-age media. Co-written by Charles S. Feldman, it was published in October, 2008 by Continuum Publishing. Ray Bradbury said: "You need this book. Read it." Added Linda Ellerbee: "This is a dangerous book because it's all true."

Relentlessly untrue is Rosenberg's new mystery novel Up Yours! which available on and Kindle.

A native of Kansas City, Rosenberg earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Oklahoma and a Master’s degree in political science from the University of Minnesota. Ardent animal advocates, he and his wife, Carol, a passionate Getty Center docent, live in a suburb of Los Angeles with a cockatiel and two cats. A frequent visitor is their daughter, Kirsten, singer for The Iron Maidens, an all-girl heavy metal tribute band that tours globally.

Selected Works

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A vivid and brawny take on the blur of today's sped-up, revved-up media and the danger they represent. "An awful warning delivered with anecdotal richness and real passion." --The Times of London
A witty and candid account of television’s relentless pursuit of the mundane. “Delectable”
--Publisher's Weekly