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The flame stone is all about red amber

Nature is capable of creating amazing and incredible creations that amaze with their perfection and beauty. Among them are animals that look like a fairy tale come to life, enchanting landscapes, and natural gems of extraordinary colors. Our article, brought to you by, tells you about one of them, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of red amber.

Червоний бурштин

How did the unique stone - red amber come about?

Solar gems belong to the class of organic rocks - they were formed from the resin of gigantic prehistoric trees. Previously, it was believed that radiant cabochons come only from the juices of coniferous plants, but the latest research refuted this hypothesis - now it is known that any resin is suitable for the formation of precious stones. However, its composition still affects the strength and color of the nuggets.

But this is not the only factor - the color of amber depends on many other reasons. Here are some of them:
  • age. The older the cabochon, the harder and more transparent it is. Yes, precious stones that are less than half a million years old (semi-fossils, or immature copals, burmite, rumenite) are dull and so fragile that they can be damaged even by the touch of a fingernail. And high-quality gems (glassine, succinite) arose from 100 to 23.03 million years BC;
  • method of formation. Drops of resin flowing from the tree must solidify directly on the bark and weather under the influence of air - in this case, the chance of getting red amber is much higher;
  • impurities to the starting substance. If elements of iron, magnesium, and zinc are added to the resin during its fossilization (transformation from an organic compound into an inorganic one), it will also acquire a red, brown, or brown shade;
  • deposit. Red precious stones are not found individually but in whole placers. In particular, promising gem deposits were discovered near Klesov (Rivnensk region, Ukraine). Due to the rich color of the cabochons, the excavation is called "flame on smoldering coal." In addition, developments are underway in Sicily, Hungary, Japan, Australia and northern Africa.
Ручка з бурштину

Products from red amber

Mining red sun gems is an extremely profitable activity. They are valued more highly than any other variety of hardened resin except Dominican blue cabochons. The value of a precious stone is also influenced by the presence of inclusions - prehistoric inclusions. They can be particles of leaves, flowers and bark of plants, insects, spiders, reptiles and even small birds that were once stuck in viscous resin. Such inclusions are a real treasure for archaeologists and paleontologists studying ancient flora and fauna.

As a rule, red Polish amber is transparent - it has almost no microscopic cavities and air bubbles. It is also very strong, but at the same time it is easily sanded. Therefore, such gems have long been used to make souvenirs and accessories.

For example, they decorated the crown of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun (1400-1392 BC), the funeral clothes of the Scythians and the ceremonial costumes of the eastern emperors. However, due to such popularity, red gemstones have often been counterfeited. Methods that allow you to give the hardened resin a different shade were already known in ancient Rome - cabochons were boiled in boiling oil or honey, calcined in furnaces, and immersed in hot sand. And in the 18th-century fakes began to be formed from gem crumb, adding the necessary dyes to it.

Useful properties of red amber

The hardened red resin contains such valuable microelements as iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. In addition, natural cabochons secrete amber oil and acid - powerful biostimulants that prevent oncological diseases, accelerate metabolic processes and enzymatic reactions, contribute to the breakdown of harmful substances, reduce irritability, get rid of apathy, depression and neurosis, keep the body in good shape, increase attention and concentration at work. And precious stones destroy toxins, bacteria and microbes.

Solar gems work more effectively if you place them next to the diseased organ. Yes, earrings with red amber will relieve headache and toothache, migraine, neuralgia. A necklace close to the neck will affect the functioning of the thyroid gland, improving the production of thyroxine, and will also help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. A pendant located at the level of the solar plexus will reduce the likelihood of developing gastritis, cholecystitis, and stomach and duodenal ulcers. And the bracelet, which will gently massage your wrist, stimulates biologically active points responsible for the heart and blood vessels - thanks to this, the pulse and blood pressure are normalized.

Red cabochons are also popular as magical talismans - an inclusion with a scorpion was considered a particularly powerful amulet. Such talismans give the owner optimism, sociability, perseverance, and self-confidence, get rid of nightmares, doubts and fears, allow to restore resources faster and inspire new achievements.

Most of all, such precious stones are suitable for Leos - their energy perfectly coincides with the element of fire, to which all representatives of this sign belong. However, those born under other stars can also wear red hardened resin - the only exception is Taurus. Also, pregnant women and small children will need solar gems - they will protect them from troubles, problems and dangers.

Браслет з бурштину

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